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How to supply your artwork


Please supply or ask your design company to supply your logo as a vector graphics.
Vector graphics can be saved as an .EPS or .PDF file format for PC computers. For just a visual referance you can also send us a .jpg.
If an original logo was not created as a vector graphics but as a bitmap graphics designed in Adobe Photoshop, please supply it as a high resolution 300dpi-600dpi .jpg or .psd format at 100% scale.

If you can't supply a vector or high resolution artwork please send us what you have and we will try our best to recreate your logo.

Why vector graphic is better than a .JPG?

Vector graphic can be preserved and saved as an .EPS, .PDF, .AI or .CDR file format. Bitmap (raster) graphic it is usually .JPG, BMP or .GIF file format.
Both logo examples look the same when they are small on computer screen but when we zoom them you can easily spot the differance:

Let's zoom it !

Vector graphic can be preserved and saved as an .EPS, .PDF, .AI or .CDR file format. Bitmap (raster) graphic it is usually a .JPG, .BMP or .GIF file format.

Bitmap or raster graphics like a .JPG, .BMP or .GIF files are created of little square dots called pixels. This type of storing and saving images is called lossy compression method because it loses details.

Vector graphics keeps your artwork not as a map of bits or dots but as mathematical information about all geometrical shapes that create your logo. That is why you can zoom it infinitely and you will still see sharp edges.

Please note that every .JPG file is a bitmap graphic BUT not every .eps or .pdf is a vector graphic basiclly because it is possible to save a .JPG as an .eps or .pdf file format as well. You can test it by downloading this pdf and enlarging inside graphic:


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